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Prepared 4 Ltd offer a wraparound service that starts with an assessment of your  needs, then offers realistic and sensibly priced solutions.

We offer both in-house and open training in all aspects of first aid and emergency preparedness.  Please contact us for details to discuss your requirements.  Click here to book a place - our next open Emergency First Aid Course in East Grinstead

In October 2013, the requirements relating to first aid provision changed, with the HSE no longer responsible for the approval of first aid training providers.

This was accompanied by the publication of new guidance from the HSE, to ensure that employers could exercise due diligence in their choice of training and training provider.

You will find the HSE’s Guidance by following the link.

What does this mean for you?

It is a good time for you to review the training that you provide.  You may find that your current training provider is no longer suitable, or you may be pleasantly surprised that you don’t have to change anything - the important thing is to review your first aid risk / needs assessment.

Annual Skills Updates  Training sessions can be arranged in your workplace, with a maximum of 12 students taking part in each half day session.  This is a great chance to further prepare staff who are tasked to perform first aid with the injuries that they are likely to encounter where they actually work.

We offer annual skills update training either standalone or in conjunction with an evaluation of the effectiveness of your emergency response to incidents.  Our exercises take place within your workplace and are of a practical, scenario based nature.  By conducting these exercises, we are able to identify areas for potential improvement within your planned arrangements and help you implement a realistic and effective solution.

Training delivered within your workplace provide a cost effective solution to meeting your needs.  In many cases, significant cost savings are possible.  Workplace training can be tailored to any environment and can be combined with your organisation’s requirements for incident reporting and casualty management.

Far from help?

We are able to offer training for workers in remote areas and working overseas - as well as for outdoor pursuits.  These satisfy the requirements of Outdoor NGBs.  We have trained many Forest School Leaders and support staff to ensure that their First Aid training meets the needs of their role.  We deliver training that addresses the needs of people working in places where the emergency services are more than just a few minutes away.

What We Offer

First Aid risk assessment and analysis.  How many people do I need to train in First Aid?

This depends on many factors.

We are able to advise you on both numbers and levels of equipment.

Approved courses:

- L2 - Emergency First Aid At Work - 1 Day

- L3 First Aid at Work - 3 Days

- L3 First Aid At Work Refresher - 2 Days

- Annual Skills Updates - ½ Day

- L2 AED (Defibrillator) - 6 hours

- L2 Paediatric First Aid - 2 days

- Outdoor / Remote First Aid Courses

- First Aid for Schools

Training delivered in your workplace, presenting realistic scenarios to the people that you charge with the provision of first aid at work.

Does a First Aider working in an office need the same training as a forestry worker or a company car driver?  In simple terms, no.  

The personnel that you charge with providing first aid should receive training that takes into account the risks and activities of your organisation.