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The course aims to ensure that people at the most senior levels of small to medium organisations appreciate health and safety.

The course is intended for people with strategic responsibility for determining and implementing effective health and safety management within an organisation.

IOSH Directing Safely - course outline.

This 1 day course, addressing the following subject areas:

Module 1 – Why direct safely?

• Moral, legal and financial arguments for H&S management

• Integrating health and safety into the business Agenda

• Why health and safety leadership is important

• The importance of strong leadership, workers’ involvement, assessment and review

• Directors’ responsibilities – appointing a health and safety director and the role of non-executive directors

Module 2 – Planning health and safety

• Identifying significant risks to the organisation

• Establishing and maintaining a health and safety policy

• The importance of integrating the policy into the organisation’s culture, values and standards

• Corporate governance

• Communicating, promoting and championing health and safety

Module 3 – Delivering health and safety

• Effective health and safety management systems and practices that ensure sensible, responsible and proportionate risk management

• Resourcing health and safety arrangements:

• Workers’ involvement in decisions that affect their health and safety

• The role and function of health and safety committees

Module 4 – Monitoring health and safety

• The role and importance of specific and routine performance reports

• The role of proactive and reactive performance measurement, and the importance of getting a balance between the two

• Auditing the effectiveness of H&S management structures/risk controls

• Reporting the impact of change and major failures

• Setting up procedures for monitoring changes in legal requirements

• Benchmarking health and safety performance against other organisations in the sector

• Setting targets for improvement

Module 5 – Reviewing health and safety

• The role and purpose of board-level reviews of health and safety

• Key outcomes of the board-level reviews:

• Annual reporting

• Continuous improvement

IOSH Directing Safely FAQ

Who should attend?

Directing safely for small and medium sized enterprises is intended for people with strategic responsibility for determining and implementing effective health and safety management in an organisation. By definition, the term ‘small and medium sized enterprises’ applies to organisations with fewer than 250 employees.

What will I get out of it?

Learning objectives

On successful completion of the course, delegates should be able to:

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